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375% increase in new voters

We just heard some amazing news out of Oregon:

Since a new voter registration law was implemented on January 1st, more than 15,000 Oregonians have been added to the voter rolls.

Before the new law, the state registered around 2,000 new voters each month. Now, that number's increased by 375% to 7,500 per month.

The Oregon Motor Voter law automatically registers anyone who obtains or renews their driver's license through the state's DMV — making voter registration in Oregon simple and more convenient.

This is a huge step toward making elections in Oregon more modern and fair, and it's far more cost effective than a traditional voter registration drive.

We're already seeing the results of making voter registration easier — now, we need to bring this kind of progress to states across the country.

With Oregon registering 15,000 more voters in just two months, imagine what would happen if every state simplified and modernized their voter registration process!

Spoiler alert: It would mean a whole lot more people voting. And that's something we should all get behind.

More registered voters would mean fairer, more representative elections — plain and simple. Methods like motor voter laws are also far more efficient than the methods many states currently rely on, saving us time and money.

We can't stop with Oregon. The entire country deserves more efficient and inclusive ways to register voters.

That's why we're organizing in communities, holding lawmakers accountable, and spreading the word to bring more modern voter registration laws to states across the U.S. 

But we can't do it without you. Say you're in:



Hari Sevugan
Senior Advisor

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