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Over the past two years, iVote has been working to secure voting rights and expand access to voting for all Americans.

And that hard work is starting to pay off. iVote was proud to play a role in helping pass Automatic Voter Registration into law in California last October.

It’s a game changer.

When fully implemented, the new law will automatically register nearly seven million Californians who are currently eligible but unregistered. It will also register every new California citizen going forward, when they get or renew their license or state ID.

We can't stop with California. Now it's time to take the movement across the country.

If we can increase turnout -- which was just 36% in 2014 -- we can get representation that better reflects the priorities of the people.

People often ask “how do we even start to solve a problem like unrepresentative turnout?” The answer is a large-scale change to get more people eligible to vote, starting with Automatic Voter Registration.

The hardest part of voting should be figuring out who to vote for, not how to register.

Imagine what an election would look like if the 51 million eligible voters that are currently unregistered were automatically added to the rolls.

Help spread the word about bringing Automatic Voter Registration to every state.

Let's do this,

Jeremy Bird
Co-Founder, iVote


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