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This is a Game Changer

I hope you've heard the news that we're focusing on Automatic Voter Registration for 2016 and beyond -- I'm fired up.

Here's why: Automatic Voter Registration would mean that every eligible voter would be on the rolls, automatically. So no more need to worry about deadlines or fill out any forms. Eligible voters would be able to just show up to the polls on Election Day to fulfill their civic duty.

Imagine what Automatic Voter Registration would mean for our democracy: 

Hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised voters would be brought back into the fold, voting for the first time wouldn't be as intimidating, and moving wouldn't get in the way of casting your ballot.

Other countries aren't imagining it -- they're already seeing results. Some countries with Automatic Voter Registration see upwards of 70% voter turnout -- more than twice the United States’ in 2014.

Automatic Voter Registration would be a game changer for us, but only if supporters like you spread the word and make your voice heard.

To doing big things,

Jeremy Bird

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